DVD Rental - Pay As You Go

No monthly subscription required!

You can rent Blu-rays on a 'pay per film' basis by buying credits for �2.00 which are valid for 3 months on any Blu-ray or DVD.

PAYG Price Plans

LOVEFiLM is now the only website which offers Blu-ray rentals on a pay-as-you-go basis. There are three options for you to choose from, as shown in the table below. They all allow DVD and Blu-ray rentals, and the third plan also includes video games too.

Provider Package Credits Discs at Home Game Rentals Current Offers Total Cost Cost per Rental Links
PAYG 1 3Valid for 3 Months 11 disc at a time No Yes1 Free Bonus Disc �6.00For 3 Rentals �2.00
PAYG 2 6 Valid for 3 Months 11 disc at a time No YesFree Book: 1000 Films to change your life �12.00 For 6 Rentals �2.00
PAYG 3 6 Valid for 3 Months 22 Blu-rays at a time YesXbox 360, PS3, Wii, DS, XBox, & PS2 Yes2 Free Cinema Tickets �15.00 For 6 Rentals �2.50

What is PAYG and How does it Work?

Quite simply, it is Blu-rays delivered to your door with no subscription. It�s recommended for anyone who doesn't have time to watch films ALL the time. There are no monthly subscription fees payable. Instead, you simply buy rental �credits� for the rental service as and when you want them. Each credit equals 1 rental, which equals 1 rental disc. The credits are valid for 3 months from the date of purchase and do need to be used within this time period. If the credits are not used within the 3 months, then they will expire and you will no longer be able to use them. The expiry date of credits is always displayed in My Account option on the web site. You can buy these rentals in advance in batches of 3 or 6 (Blu-rays only) or a combination of 6 Blu-rays and games and they last for a whole 3 months. You can buy more than one batch at a time, but be careful if you do; they will all still need to be used within 3 months of the date of purchase. The type of credits batch that you select will determine how many rentals you can have on loan at any one time. 3 rental credit batch = 1 disc at home at a time 6 rental credit batch = 2 disc at home at a time 6 rental credit batch(Games, Blu-rays, DVDs) = 2 discs at home at a time If you want to change which type of batch you have, you can select a different batch for your next set of credits if you wish, and purchase a different batch at the point of each purchase if you so choose. There is no requirement for you to consistently purchase the same type each time you. You can do this on the My Account page online.

Pay As You Go How Does It Work?

Buy rental credits - not a monthly subscription

With pay as you go you purchase rental credits for a one-off payment. You can then use the rental credits to rent films as and when you want to. Rental credits are valid for 3 months from the purchase date, giving you plenty of time to use them. There are no additional fees and no monthly subscription charges to worry about.

Complete flexiblility

Pay as you go is ideal if you watch only one or two films a month. Since there is no recurring monthly fee, if you only rent films now and then as an occassional treat, pay as you go will definitely offer you the best value for money.

Cheaper than in-store rentals

As well as the added benefits of convenience and choice, pay as you go is also cheaper than renting the latest movies from your local video rental store. Rental credits are now down to about �2.00 each with LOVEFiLM and easyCinema - full details below.

Same benefits as pay-monthly

Pay as you go gives you the same benefits as pay monthly. You will have access to the full catalogue of DVD and Blu-ray titles, and can expect exactly the same level of service and priorty as pay-monthly customers. You also get the standard feautures such as free first class postage both, no late fees or due dates, and as a pay as you go customer you obviously aren't in a contract.

Pay As You Go Providers

Who offers pay as you plans?

Most companies have moved away from the pay as you go business model, but there are still two online providers who offer the option of pay as you go dvd rental: Amazon-owned LOVEFiLM> and easyGroup's easyCinema both offer three rental plans, as detailed in the rental plans section below. We are delighted to see that these providers have listened to their customers and have decided to continue to offer these pay as you go dvd rental plans.

What's the difference?

LOVEFiLM, in fact, operates the easyCinema website and powers it's online rental business, so the service is essentially exactly the same and the prices are almost identical too! What really sets LOVEFiLM apart is the website and the online community of film lovers it has brought together. The site is much more modern and is constant being updated and improved. For this reason, we recommend cutting out the middle man and opting for the LOVEFiLM pay as you go service. They also have a couple of sign up offers for you at the moment!

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