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UK DVD Rental Services

Here is a list of every DVD rental website you will find on Compare DVD Rental.

Visit their websites, read our full reviews, and compare details like free trial offers, package prices, website features and extra benefits of each DVD rental provider.


Lovefilm is Britain's most popular DVD rental company and tops our list of the UK's best DVD rental service. They stock over 80,000 titles available to rent through the post with free postage and no late fees.

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Try out Blockbuster's new online DVD rental service and watch the latest films before they are available anywhere else. Get unlimited DVD rentals from �7.99 per month plus unlimited in-store exchanges. Guarantee your next disc with Blockbuster's unique top ticket system!

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Netflix launched it's online movie streaming service in Jan 2012 and already has over 1 million UK customers. Watch unlimited film and TV on your PC, iPad, internet TV and Blu-ray player for only �5.99 per month.

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Defunct DVD Rental Services

The DVD rental websites listed below are no longer in operation. These DVD rental services have either ceased trading or been acquired and absorbed by another DVD rental company.

Since 2003, many smaller DVD rental websites have been bought by more popular DVD rental providers, mainly by the LoveFilm group which is now the largest online DVD rental provider in Europe.

A number of large DVD rental websites, such as Tesco DVD Rental, easyCinema and Odeon Direct, were previously operated in partnership with Lovefilm, which operated the DVD rental service on behalf of the well known brands. Most of these co-branded DVD rental providers were moved in early August 2012 and are now part of the LoveFilm operation. Existing customer accounts have been moved across to Lovefilm, where members can log in using their existing email and password details.

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